Who to talk to if you have a question

EF prides itself on the extensive support we offer students, host families and schools. There is always someone available to assist you.

Your go-to local contact

International Exchange Coordinator (IEC)

International Exchange Coordinators are the local representatives of EF High School Exchange Year, located in or around your community. Your IEC is your primary contact person. They are your first phone call whenever you have a question or need assistance. Their primary responsibilities include:


  • Finding caring host families
  • Screening host families and helping them through the application process
  • Working with high schools
  • Making monthly contact with host families and students
  • Mediating any issues that may arise between a student and family and/or school
  • Conducting mandatory EF meetings

Your regional resource

Regional Coordinator (RC)

Regional Coordinators are responsible for overseeing a specific geographic region, including all the IECs, host families, students and schools in the area. RCs onboard and equip IECs and assist with any difficult situations that may arise. Host families and students can contact their RC if they need support or guidance at any point. In addition to supervising the region, RCs act as a critical link between their IECs and our main office. Most RCs are also IECs and directly support families in their community. Some areas of the country do not have an RC.

Global support

EF offices

EF High School Exchange Year is the student's official program sponsor. We work collaboratively with the EF offices in their home countries to communicate regularly with our program participants. This way, we ensure quality and compliance with rules and regulations that govern the program. Additional responsibilities include:


  • Screening and preparing host families and students
  • Helping families select the right student for their home
  • Overseeing high school enrollment
  • Arranging student visas
  • Coordinating student travel to/from the US
  • Supporting local IECs, students, high schools and EF host families
  • Communicating with student's parents

Advice every step of the way

Program Advisor

Program Advisors work with their regions’ RCs and IECs to assist in supporting host families, students and schools during the exchange. They also speak directly with our EF offices abroad to keep your student's parents up-to-date. Program Advisors work traditional business hours and are available for on-call emergencies.

Expert counseling on how to handle concerns

Program Counselor

Program Counselors work with Program Advisors, RCs and IECs to assist in supporting host families, students and schools when concerns are more escalated, severe or urgent. They also communicate with our colleagues overseas to ensure the student’s parents are informed along the way.

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