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Hailing from 13 countries across Europe and Asia, our exchange students are eager to join your family, learn about our diverse American culture and get involved in your local high school. They have earned admission onto our program based on a rigorous review of their motivation, personality, health, grades and teacher recommendations. We are excited for you to meet them!

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Why students participate in an exchange year

Personal growth

Exchange students grow tremendously as a person. They develop cultural awareness, independence, maturity, self-confidence, self-awareness, grit, adaptability, problem-solving skills, leadership— and much more.

Fluency in English

Exchange students with a solid grasp of English become truly fluent. By the end of their time abroad they are able to speak, read, and write English more naturally and with greater ease.

Cultural fluency

Exchange students also become fluent in the culture, customs, and traditions of another country and become an ambassador for the place they called home during their exchange.

Global family

Our students are eager to gain a second family and make friendships for life. Many of our host families and students are in touch for years to come and consider themselves family.

Meet some of our exchange students

Louise from Sweden

From the moment my host family decided to host me, they became a part of my life and my future. By making that decision, they not only helped my dreams come true, but they also opened up their home to a complete stranger. That great gesture made my host family an extremely important part of my life. They changed my life for the better and for that I am forever grateful. They became my second family and showed me the American culture with such pride and joy, a totally unfamiliar culture for me at that time. It opened my eyes to new people and new perspectives. That is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.

David-Lior from Switzerland

My host family were the first people I met in my host city and the last ones to say goodbye before I left America. They showed me so many things and supported me throughout my exchange year. I fondly remember celebrating Thanksgiving, Hannukah, and Halloween with them. I could honestly not have spent an amazing exchange year without them, because they’ve become my second family. They took me along on so many adventures throughout Oregon and succeeded in sharing their culture. Going out to Baskin Robbins and trying out their rainbow cake ice cream was one of my favorite things to do with them. I enjoyed sharing my Swiss culture with my host family and I think they were happy to learn family recipes, a few German words and new traditions.

Romina from Germany

My host family was the best one I could have asked for and they had a huge impact on my experiences abroad. They helped with everything and I am beyond thankful. Right away when we met, they treated me like their own child and made me feel super comfortable. They helped me when I was struggling with homesickness, went on adventures with me and came to all of my games. But the little things were the most important: spending time together as a family, going to church together, cooking, celebrating, laughing and gaining two new sisters and a brother. I love them with my whole heart and I have a second family in another country which feels amazing.

Finding the right exchange student for your family

Does your family have any hobbies or interests that you'd like to share with an exchange student? Are you looking to learn more about a particular region of the world? Consider some of these topics and start reviewing student profiles today.

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