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Open your students' eyes to the world through cultural exchange

One of the most influential educational decisions you can make for your students is to welcome exchange students into your school. We at EF are here to help you take the first step.

Principal Hal Mortensen, Nevada, shares his thoughts on the benefits of hosting exchange students.

Bring the world into your classroom

Welcoming foreign exchange students to your school complements existing learning experiences. Over the course of an academic year, your own students will gain first-hand knowledge of different cultures and customs. In sharing their America, they’ll discover what they love about their own country, and they’ll examine their own values and beliefs more critically.

More than 1200 schools across the country already enrich their classrooms each year with EF exchange students.

A mission to connect the world

Whether they’re engaging in the classroom, participating in after-school clubs, or just hanging out with friends and classmates, EF exchange students don’t just experience your school’s culture— they become a part of it.

Enrich student life

Having EF exchange students benefits your high school community. School organizations, clubs and extracurricular activities are strengthened by new cultural perspectives, as students from around the world connect on shared interests and exchange ideas with peers from across the globe.

Globalize your classrooms

EF exchange students prepare your own students for a globally-minded future. Global awareness is an indispensable skill in the world today, and as academically motivated members of the classroom, our students are a valuable resource to your school community by sharing more about daily life in other parts of the world.

Create multinational friendships

The friends that EF exchange students make while abroad are not just for the year; they are for life. Most of our students stay in touch with their friends and family long after they have returned home. American students may even get invited to visit their exchange friends in Europe or Asia in the future!

Contribute to diplomacy

Offering an American high school experience through student exchange breaks down borders and builds bridges that promote cross-cultural understanding. Enrolling EF exchange students in your high school does more than change the lives of students and families, it supports a US Department of State goal to expand understanding and communications between countries.

Where do our exchange students come from?

Learn more about their home countries







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South Korea





Celebrating 40 years of cultural exchange.

Promoting public diplomacy since 1979

EF High School Exchange Year has been promoting global awareness through student exchange for over 40 years. We bring more students to the US each year than any other high school exchange program. Since 1979, our organization has connected more than 100,000 international students with caring host families across America. We proudly work alongside the US Department of State in promoting public diplomacy through our program. We are vetted by the exchange authorities in the US, and adhere to all applicable regulations governing exchange programs.


Frequently asked questions

Put your trust in us

One of the distinct advantages of working with EF High School Exchange Year is our commitment to making things as easy as possible for your school. Our students and host families are fully prepared for the exchange experience, and throughout the year our dedicated staff is ready to support you 24 hours a day.

The student selection

We only accept students who will flourish on an intercultural exchange. Our thorough screening and preparation process set our students up for success.

Students from around the world

Our students come from 15 different countries in Europe and Asia. They are proficient in English and eager to be part of American high school life.

The EF support network

We provide exchange students, host families and schools with individualized support and proactive outreach. Coordinators are located nearby and our staff are available for expanded support.

Bring cultural exchange to your school

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