EF Discovery Tours

While most of your student’s best memories will be made with your family, your school and your community, EF students can also travel with other EF exchange students on our EF Discovery Tours. These trips take students to destinations all over the US where they can see the famous sights and experience another part of our great country.

Discovery Tours in the US

Students are spending time in a new country already, so why not see more of it? This is their opportunity to visit the country's most treasured cities and sights, experience the natural beauty of our country in person and discover the diverse cultures within their new home. EF Discovery Tours aren't limited to just EF exchange students. Host siblings ages 15-18 can also join in the fun. The cost of each trip varies depending upon their departure gateway as well as the trip they select. We offer the following tours:


  • Hawaii
  • LA and the Grand Canyon
  • Boston
  • Florida
  • Puerto Rico
See what an EF Discovery Tour is all about!
Boston Tour

“My favorite part of the trip was visiting Harvard. When we were there, we were able to talk with actual students and that was super interesting!”


– Lea from Spain

Hawaii Tour

“Surfing was probably my favorite thing we did in Hawaii, because I had never surfed before. Even though I was bad at it, I really liked it.”


– Camilla from Norway

Puerto Rico Tour

“We went snorkelling and saw incredible sea creatures! Puerto Rico is beautiful. I had a coconut fresh from a tree. I’m so happy I got to go here.”


– Kim from Japan

LA and Grand Canyon Tour

“I think I can now say that I have visited the most amazing place in the world. Looking out across the Grand Canyon is a moment that I will never forget.


– Emelie from Sweden

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