Custodial family

In some cases, you may need to show your relationship to your exchange student. A custodial guardianship form provides confirmation that you are the exchange student's host family and are permitted to have access to their grades and secure urgent and routine medical care for them.

Keep in mind that you are not the legal guardian of your student. Their parents abroad remain their legal guardians for them throughout the exchange and EF High School Exchange Year is the designated visa sponsor for their stay in the United States. As a host family, you will be able to access your custodial guardianship form online in your EF host family portal, should you need it.

EF Tip: Tax deduction for host families

EF Educational Foundation for Foreign Study, a non-profit corporation, doing business as EF High School Exchange Year (HSEY) is designated by the US Department of State to operate a J-1 student exchange program.


Hosting an exchange student may qualify host families for a monthly tax deduction on their federal filing. According to IRS Publication 526 (2019), you can deduct up to $50 a month for each full month a student lives with you. Qualifying expenses may include books, food, clothing, transportation, entertainment and other amounts you actually spend for the well-being of the student. Please make sure to consult a tax professional or the IRS website, for more information. This is not tax advice and HSEY is not able to assist host families with their tax filing or preparation.

Should your tax advisor require confirmation of your hosting experience, there is a charitable contribution form available on The Hub in the Resources tab.


The information presented here is not, and is not intended to be, tax or legal advice. It is provided for general informational purposes only.

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