Brothers across the globe

Meet Roger from Taiwan and his host brother Brody from Oregon to find out what hosting does for foreign exchange students and their American siblings.

Brody and Roger

“I really appreciate that Brody treated me as his younger brother.”

What was like having a brother living at home again?

Brody: It’s been a pretty big adjustment, just because I haven’t had a sibling in the house since I was in sixth grade. Growing up it’s mostly been my parents and me, so adapting to someone being in the house has been a big adjustment. It’s been good and a lot of fun though! We’ve made a lot of great memories together.

How long did it take until Roger felt like he was a ”real" part of the family?

Brody: We got close pretty quick! It probably just took a couple of weeks adapting to him being around but it's been very easy for me and my parents.

Roger: I had a tough time when I first got here, but I really appreciate that Brody just treated me as his younger brother. He’s really taught me a lot this year. We got to experience a lot of stuff together. It’s been great to get to live with him!

“Everyone’s really brought him in and really let him be part of our group.”

Have you enjoyed showing Roger around, teaching him how to fish, and a lot of other outdoorsy things he hadn’t tried before?

Brody: Yes, it’s been fun! It was a bit weird at first because my dad has always been the one teaching me all that and I didn’t think I’d be teaching someone else until I had kids of my own. It’s fun though, teaching him everything that my dad has taught me. It’s like giving back in a sense, but even better because we have also learned from each other.

You had many classes together, so that must have helped in the beginning.

Brody: Yes, in the beginning, it was really nice because I could show him around until he got used to the different classes, homework, teachers, and so on. School in Taiwan must be quite different so it took a bit of time for him to adjust.

Roger: School in America is different but in a good way. I had the opportunity to try all kinds of sports and school activities like football, school dances or carpentry. I had never really used English before so that was a big challenge for me.

Roger has been a part of the community and especially your friend group.

Brody: It’s been great. I feel like a lot of people have really brought him in to the friend group. All my friends like him, we’re always hanging out doing fun stuff! Playing basketball, football, track, doing stuff like that. Everyone’s really brought him in and really let him be part of our group. We’re just inseparable.

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