How to combine part-time work with the coordinator role

Susan from Florida tells us how she balances time between her part-time job as a Respiratory Therapist and her responsibilities as an exchange coordinator.

“This is my 6th year with EF and I have placed over 40 students from many different nationalities.”

How do you combine your part-time work with the exchange coordinator role?

I schedule time into my week around my regular career to focus on my role as a coordinator. With just a few hours scheduled 2-3 days a week, I am able to complete the required tasks such as host family screening, checking references, selecting students and completing monthly contact logs. The full-time EF staff in our Boston and Denver offices are available during business hours to support me. Once per month, I try to spend time with my students and host families. Simple things like coffee, going bowling or just taking a walk with a student to have a conversation and get to know each other goes a long way with them feeling supported. You don't have to be on call 24/7-we all need our time with our families too.

What are you responsibilities as an exchange coordinator?   

I help prepare my host families before their new son or daughter arrives. I also provide support to students, celebrating their successes, helping them understand and adapt to difficult situations, guiding them to be thankful for their experiences and helping them grow as a person.

“It is exciting to help families select their next student and to support them throughout the process.”

How do you promote the exchange program in your community? 

I am always talking about hosting exchange students and my experiences in my everyday life. Grocery stores, work, friends, social media. Never a day goes by that I haven't mentioned it to someone! I also host information booths at local farmers markets or festivals.

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