Growing as an IEC

Recurring events

Before the Match

Welcome to your IEC adventure! In part one of IEC Orientation, Before the Match, you’ll learn about the journey that students take to become an exchange student with EF High School Exchange Year, how to get started finding and matching host families, and have a tour of important IEC resources to help you get started. You’ll also meet some of your fellow IECs and HSEY staff. Plan for two hours and lots of learning!

After the Match

Now that you’ve attended part one of IEC Orientation, join us for part two, After the Match. In this session you’ll hear about how to prepare both students and host families for student arrivals and becoming a family and you’ll learn the basics for program support throughout the exchange year. You will also have the chance to meet some HSEY staff members and fellow IECs. Plan for two hours and lots of learning!

IEC Portal Tour

Explore the resources available to you in the IEC role with a guided portal tour that will take you through Rewards and Incentives, Marketing, Growing as an IEC, Northpass and the Hub.

National Conferences

Florida 2023

EF Exchange Year National Conference in Kissimmee, FL

Save the Date: February 3-5, 2023

Find more information on this IEC rewards trip, including how to qualify for a spot to join us!

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Las Vegas 2022

EF Exchange Year National Conference in Las Vegas, NV

April 1-3, 2022

Find recordings of the sessions in Northpass !

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