Homebound Flight Information Summer 2022

The Travel Support team is excited to continue offering flexible options for our exchange students' flights home at the end of their time in the US. This website will provide you with all the information you may need to have an informed conversation and select the best option for all involved. Students are able to choose from the following options and must submit their selection in The Hub. Possible flight dates and Farewell Days sessions can be found at the bottom of this page

Any questions?

Reach us at 800-634-8351 or [email protected]

Option 1

Fly home the week after school ends

  • Preselected for all students
  • No host family approval needed

Option 2

Fly home about two weeks after school ends

  • Host family approval needed for extension
  • Student must stay with current host family or IEC – no new screening of families is allowed
  • Students pay a $95.00 USD rebooking fee should they choose this option
  • EF employees in the sales offices will take care of invoicing students’ parents; payment will not hold up ticketing

Option 3

Book your own flight

  • Students must leave by July 10, 2022.
  • Students must send the Travel Support team their flight information by March 31, 2022.
  • This may be the best option for students who wish to fly on particular flight itineraries or airlines
  • If a host family does not feel comfortable with the student’s proposed BYOF travel plan, they should contact the Travel Support team to discuss further.

Option 4

Travel with parent(s) and fly home on an EF ticket *

  • Students traveling with one or more of their legal guardians at the end of their exchange can select to fly home on any day until June 30, 2022 from an airport on our approved list of gateways or from the host family’s preferred gateway.
  • EF will not be able to match student flight to parent’s flight, nor can we book flights for parents
  • Once EF tickets a student’s flight, we cannot make any changes for any reason.
  • We suggest that parents wait to book their own flight until EF finalizes student flight.
  • Students pay a $95.00 USD rebooking fee should they choose this option.
  • EF employees in the sales offices will take care of invoicing students’ parents; payment will not hold up ticketing

Approved airports:



*Please note: this option’s availability is dependent on US government travel restrictions and entry policies.

Option 5

Farewell Days (assigned based on school end date)

  • Students can either depart from New York on the Tuesday that Farewell Days ends



  • Students can choose a modified Travel with Parent option and fly home from New York (JFK or EWR) any day through June 30. This option also has a $95 fee. This option is only applicable if the parents/legal guardians will be in the US with the student. The parents will be responsible for managing all travel requirements (COVID-19 testing, travel forms, etc.)

Flight dates and Farewell Days

If school end date:

*Students should be prepared to fly on any of the three days included in the assigned Flight Week


**The Farewell Days date ranges indicate the arrival date and departure date for each session. These are likely assignments and will ultimately be determined by the space available per session.


Please note

EF will shift the student’s school end date for required school extensions, but will not extend for vacations, weddings, parties, sports or extracurricular activities, etc. In these situations, students should select Option 2 if the dates align, or choose Option 3. For Options 1 and 2, students must fly from their host family gateway to their original home gateway; we will not make accommodations for vacation.

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