About the academic transcript and letters of explanation

The Spanish Ministry of Education requires the original US certifications of the 10th, 11th or 12th grades, clearly stating the grade completed and the corresponding academic year (2021-2022). These certifications must be detailed by semesters or quarters in the different subjects and grades and must be legalized with the Apostille of the Hague.

It is very important that before sending the grades to be legalized the following items are checked:

  • Student's name and surname are written correctly and in the right order
  • That the grade the student has completed appears clearly
  • That it indicates the school year together with the period of schooling. Ie. 2021- 2022 (from August 2021 to June 2022)
  • All subjects taken for semesters or quarters should appear together with their final grades and their credits. Please note that all subjects must be passed in order to be validated in all semesters or trimesters. It is important to remember that no subject can be online
  • All subjects taken must be displayed. The names of the subjects must correspond to the table of valid subjects. In the case that the name of the subject does not correspond exactly with that of the list of subjects, a letter of explanation will be needed including the program of the legalized subject along with the grades (more about letters of explanation below)
  • Sspecial care must be taken not to show: Abbreviations, Dashes, amendments, or changes of letters and ungraded or failed subjects
  • The credits obtained must appear, as well as the class hours in each subject
  • They must be sealed and signed by the academic authority of the school

If the student is unable to obtain the academic transcript with all the details mentioned above, the student must contact CESnumen immediately. Always before legalizing the academic transcript and letters of explanation the student should send a picture of them by e-mail to CESnumen, so they check that everything is correct.

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